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Never mind. Something came up.
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OK, Fuel Mart 201 W. Main NC

Lancaster-ites? Is it better in the morning to go North on 37 to 70 to New Concord or 22 to Zanesville 70 to NC? Traffic, School Bus, Deer, Commuters,
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Had a great ride today except the 07:30 ride from Logan to Lancaster to New Concord. Cold and Wet Fog

SR22 was the right choice out of Lancaster. Fog was so thick in some spots I had to let a car by, That only happens once every 5 Years with me. I used his tail lights for direction and warning so it was a fair trade. Once I thawed out with a cup of Coffee and met up with the Meef and the S10 the sun came up and burned off the fog. I tried to lead a ride without getting lost out east to Woodsfield and then south to Marietta on Magic SR26. After Lunch Meef led me to some more great roads back west. The fall colors were amazing. Thank you Mark for putting up with my need for curvy black asphalt. The dirt was fun too. I am good to go now. Had some great rides this R&R and can put the bike away in short term storage and head back next Tuesday to AFG. Sorry no photo's I blew by all the good stops.
Well now I really feel like shit for not coming. I didnt realize you was shipping out so fast. I rode around the block at 730a and said screw it due to the cold. I left the house again a few hours later and headed west to grab the tag.
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