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Originally Posted by dbuzz View Post
Well yes I have ... and obviously more often than you if you can't manage to pass a slow vehicle on one
I think your definition of winding and mine are different...

How does one execute a pass when one cannot see more than a few seconds ahead?

If the road you're talking about has turns with a government-suggested speed of more than about 40-45 kph than our definitions of "winding" differ.

The road I tend to patronize has 2 opportunities for a "safe" (enough visibility to get the pass done on a decently-handling motorcycle) double-yellow pass in 15 miles. And those two opportunities have but about two seconds in which to make that decision until the visibility window closes.
That's it.

Or there's plenty of pullouts where if a cage just gets 2 wheels on the pullout and lifts off the gas it's enough to pass.
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