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Originally Posted by NC-Okie View Post

Tuesday morning at 8:31 am the phone is ringing and he is calling wanting/demanding to return the Burgman. Questions are ask and answered and it turns out the issue is not the Burgman but he has changed his mind and now feels motorcycle riding is not for him.

The Burgman has right at 120 miles on it a sales contract has been made, loan approved, title applied for and vehicle delivered on his terms and in good faith.

How would the inmates handle this?


Over the years I've heard a good amount of these stories (ours were mainly Honda stories since that was the dealership in our town, and the dealership I eventually worked at part-time). Yeah, he's got to man-up and sell it on his own unless he's willing to sell it for trade-in value to you. That's the way it is with anything like that.

No one is responsible for insuring that others like motorcycling. (I'm dealing with this now with the guy I sold my last bike to - a 1997 for $1450 that was running like a top when I sold it, and he's keeps calling amazed that maintenance, or keeping it out of the rain, or XXX, are an issue. All of those are aspects of motorcycling many don't take into account.)
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