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Originally Posted by NC-Okie View Post
OK how should this been handled?

About a week and a half ago a 50+ year old man comes in asking about an Burgman 650. Offers are made and rejected. He shows up the following day and decides he wants the Burgman and a sales contract is started. He wants an specific Helmet that we donít stock but can get it is ordered along with a Tourmaster 2XL jacket in High-Viz and Tourmaster pants after an lengthy conversation about ass-less chaps and he is convinced the Tourmaster pants are the better choice. He is satisfied with the price, signs all the paperwork and is unconcerned with having to order the Helmet and jacket since he will not be picking the Burgman up till Saturday.

Saturday afternoon comes he and his wife show up he picks up his gear is happy with the Helmet. Is taken to service and is given the pre-delivery checklist all questions answered and he signs for delivery, makes a few laps around the parking lot and leaves roughly at closing.

Tuesday morning at 8:31 am the phone is ringing and he is calling wanting/demanding to return the Burgman. Questions are ask and answered and it turns out the issue is not the Burgman but he has changed his mind and now feels motorcycle riding is not for him.

The Burgman has right at 120 miles on it a sales contract has been made, loan approved, title applied for and vehicle delivered on his terms and in good faith.

How would the inmates handle this?

You should always give the customer what he wants - with a smile!

"I'm sorry to hear that motorcycling is not working out for you. You seemed quite sure when you picked the bike up on Saturday. Perhaps you should consider signing up for some training"


"OK you are certain you want to return the bike? No problem! With only 120 miles on the clock, perhaps we can re-sell it as a demo, which means we can give you $XXXX (insert reasonable buy-back price here) for it - unless you would like us to put it on consignment for you? We can possibly find a buyer for your used gear as well, although you might find it easiest to sell it on eBay or something like that."

You have given him what he wants and made it clear that you will not simply be unwinding the deal and accepting a used bike on the showroom floor
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