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Originally Posted by Tachedoutoffroad View Post
I'm trying to read this thread 15-20 pages a night as to not ask the same questions over and over....


The pumper carb help with just cold? I think I'm more concerned about eating it on a hill and it taking forever to start up. If I pick it up fast, will it kick pretty easy? Or any fall over = kick kick kick ?

Got a 100mile ride Sunday. Guess Ill figure it out

I seem to recall some of the pumper carbs had a "hot start" knob that you use when it's been dropped and maybe drooled some fuel into the intake and made it too rich to restart well....on a non pumper you hold the throttle wide open with compression release on and kick it thru a few times to pump mostly air into the cylinder to "clear it out"....then proceed with the appropriate start process

maybe there are some pumper carb folks out there with "real" experience in such matters that can chime in
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