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Originally Posted by NC-Okie View Post
No North Carolina does not have a 72 hour return rule.

As it stands he was given the offer to list the bike for sale as an consignment he refused.

After several hours of him and his wife storming around the store he said he would pay the depreciation. He feels the bike is still new. So how much depreciation does an 2012 Burgman 650 with 120 miles on it have? and can you void a contract when the title paperwork has been submitted?

I am just an Parts guy and do not get involved with other areas but if it was my store I would not of taken it back.

He is an reasonably intelligent man, did not do an spur of the moment decision. Discussed buying and Financing on Tuesday, signed the paperwork on Wednesday and he made the choice not to pick it up till Saturday. He had it in his possession From Saturday Afternoon till Tuesday Afternoon.
The wife's the problem. She probly returns half of the shit she buys, and thinks it works for everything. Even legal contracts. And she's probly holding out on the old man until he takes it back........
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