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Originally Posted by dbuzz View Post
er ... if you are overtaking you aint supposed to hang around alongside ...

FWIW if I reckon it's safe >> I do the pass ... if it's dodgy >> I wait. I don't pass in the same lane unless they signal me by and move over enough. It doesn't bother me if I'm slowed down by traffic and if that causes me to get to my destination a minute or less later so what?

I hate staggered formation to me it is stupid and dangerous. And I wouldn't ride next to someone unless it was an actual parade eg down main st.
If someone passes me on the 89A, in my lane, in a corner--then if I see them later we will have words. Most likely not nice words either. Think less Ride Reports, more Jo Momma.

Of course, if they do that they are riding at more than double the "suggested" speed anyway. Because barring interference from LE that's my pace. 20mph up to the ton, depending on where I'm at.

Depending on potholes, gravel, etc. I am using the entire lane when going round a corner. Not the entire lane the entire time but parts of it depending where I am in relation to the apex. I don't stay in just one half of the lane unless I've waved somebody by. At that point, the throttle is closed and I'm hugging the fog line as close as I can.

I don't do parades or charity runs. Can't even if I wanted to anyway, they are held on weekends during the day when I am asleep.
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