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I had a Strom it was the best bike I'd ever owned until I rode a GS, so I sold it and now have the GS.

My Strom was a 2001 1,000cc and that motor was awesome, I still like it better than anything else. Just the right amount of torque and power IMHO. The suspension on the strom leaves a lot to be desired, mine was pretty much completely junk at 20,000 miles (riding new orleans streets and LA/MS back roads). Besides the low end suspension my only other gripe with the bike was the Damn stock windscreen, Tied for worst buffeting as a K100 I used to have :bonk

I've ridden with a guy that owns a PC800, and he's fast on that bike, takes it all over the place and never has to do anything to it other than tires, oil and pads. He's got a bunch of bikes, cool ones too Ducs, V-Max, and some other stuff and he seems to ride that damn PC more than anything else. The NT700V is no PC but it's a similar concept.

For me it all comes down to what type of riding I'm going to be doing, what I'm comfortable on and what I like. Personally I'd have no use for the Honda, but it may be just what you're looking for. Low maintenance, easy to ride, slabability. Strom you can take down rougher roads a little faster due to the long travel suspension and it may be lighter
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