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Well after 7 years of doing absolutely nothing as far as exercising. I have decided to get the mountain bike out and air the tyres up and try riding. I started last Thursday. I rode 10 miles and had 2 heart attacks a few coronaries and I'm not sure but I believe that I gave birth some where in there. It took me 1 hr and 51mins to ride 10 miles on flat ground. Skipped a day and road 10 miles on Saturday. not to bad I shaved it down to 1 hr and 10 mins and felt ok, besides the muscle burn and knee pain. I road 10 miles Monday and stayed in high gear the entire time with no stops forgot to carry a watch so I don't know how long it took. And it wasn't that bad at all. The only problem is my knees feel like they have ice picks jammed in them during and after. I know that the body posistion and seat height have a lot to do with this. I made sure the when my leg is in the fully extended position that it has a slight bend in it. But what else could I do or do I need to just keep pedaling and it will go away. Answers
drop the seat another 1/2" or so. stay in a lower gear so you're pedaling faster but easier, that requires more wind but less grunt, and less strain on your knees.

if that old mtn bike has knobbies on it, and you're mostly riding on bike trails and occasional hard pack, get some slicks or semi-slicks in like 26x1.75 instead of gnarlies in x2.125 or whatever you got now. for mostly pavement, run the tire pressure up near the max and it will roll easier. oh and clean and lube the chain..
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