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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
drop the seat another 1/2" or so. stay in a lower gear so you're pedaling faster but easier, that requires more wind but less grunt, and less strain on your knees.

if that old mtn bike has knobbies on it, and you're mostly riding on bike trails and occasional hard pack, get some slicks or semi-slicks in like 26x1.75 instead of gnarlies in x2.125 or whatever you got now. for mostly pavement, run the tire pressure up near the max and it will roll easier. oh and clean and lube the chain..
I'll try lowering the seat, the bike does have knobbies on it, I have aired the tyres up to the max and lubed the chain and sprockets. When I bought the bike I didn't know crap about bike riding other than the 1982 to 1990 years while waiting to turn 16 and completely lost interest in riding because I couldn't take chics out. But I figure since I was a large frame I would need a 26in frame. From what I see now I think I should have around a 19in

inseam 34"
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