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Pulling the mold...

I popped the mold off the plug. It was a bit harder this time than any of the other times, but it still came off just fine.
Here it is. Fresh off the mold. I was surprised that the clay stuck to it as much as it did, but the clay did its job.

Out came the Dremel and I made quick work of triming up the mold.

After trimming and sanding the edges, I washed the mold in warm water and dish soap. The clay came off without too much hassell, but a little was left behind. You'll see where soon...
The outside of the mold. It is very rigid.

The inside of the mold turned out mostly nice....

Besides these little guys... There are a number of little holes in the molds surface due to bubbles that were left between the surface of the plug and the first layer of resin. The red clay helps them stand out quite well.

You'll notice the parts of the mold that stand out where I filled the screw and vent holes with clay. These protrusions will print into the CF part and show exactly where to drill holes and cut vent slots.

Earling responded to my message about filling these pin holes and repairing the mold. He said just scrap it and make a new one which is probably the better idea, but I can't help to think that someday I'll have to repair a very important mold that has pin holes in it. So, (sorry earling) I'm gonna repair this mold...
I received an order today from US Composites that included some Cabosil epoxy filler. I think that I'll mix up some thickend epoxy to make sort of a putty, then just rub the mixture into the holes. Finally I'll sand with 800, 1500, followed by buffing and polishing.

The mold won't be perfect, but it should yeild a CF part that is nearly finished, minus a bit of sanding which I would probably do anyway.

We'll see how it goes...
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