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Originally Posted by Dukeryder View Post
I had a Strom it was the best bike I'd ever owned until I rode a GS, so I sold it and now have the GS.

My Strom was a 2001 1,000cc and that motor was awesome, I still like it better than anything else. Just the right amount of torque and power IMHO. The suspension on the strom leaves a lot to be desired, mine was pretty much completely junk at 20,000 miles (riding new orleans streets and LA/MS back roads). Besides the low end suspension my only other gripe with the bike was the Damn stock windscreen, Tied for worst buffeting as a K100 I used to have :bonk

I've ridden with a guy that owns a PC800, and he's fast on that bike, takes it all over the place and never has to do anything to it other than tires, oil and pads. He's got a bunch of bikes, cool ones too Ducs, V-Max, and some other stuff and he seems to ride that damn PC more than anything else. The NT700V is no PC but it's a similar concept.

For me it all comes down to what type of riding I'm going to be doing, what I'm comfortable on and what I like. Personally I'd have no use for the Honda, but it may be just what you're looking for. Low maintenance, easy to ride, slabability. Strom you can take down rougher roads a little faster due to the long travel suspension and it may be lighter
several years ago i had, at the same time, a 99 explorer (uh yeah, wont do that again), a 1995 gs-t eclipse (still have it and its nicely done), a 2005 1200r sporty (still have it, and love it) a 1970 bmw 2002...did the early 5spd lsd swap from early bmw 320, had 2bbl progressive carb, no rust (wanted to keep it, lost job had to sell,) and a 1974 super beetle, (wanted to keep it also, but lost job and had to sell. had twin weber 34 carbs, scat drag shifter, grant GT 11 inch wheel, painted in red and black two tone, with an old dual empi quiet pack exhaust.)

when i had all of those options to choose from, i normally drove my bug. cant really explain why, it was obviously the 'worst' vehicle out of the group, but it provided at the same time the most 'adventure,' and i loved it for what it was...also drove it on all the fire roads and construction sites i could find, at some pretty decent speeds

the PC is the underdog of that group you mentioned, maybe he likes riding the balls off it and being quicker than some of his normal riding group.

or maybe its the riding a slow bike fast kinda thing. i had a rebel '99 250 when i was in college, i put some sticky tires on that thing and i rode it for all it was worth. it wasnt fast at all, but it would change direction and corner like a champ, topped out at 87mph, with both feet on rear pegs, laying flat on the tank, and left hand behind the back. and that was with 18hp/8tq, at the crank

i gotta say, i regret selling my rebel 250, i had some stupid fun with that thing, and it was straight bulletproof
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