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Originally Posted by Jman955i View Post
I'll try lowering the seat, the bike does have knobbies on it, I have aired the tyres up to the max and lubed the chain and sprockets. When I bought the bike I didn't know crap about bike riding other than the 1982 to 1990 years while waiting to turn 16 and completely lost interest in riding because I couldn't take chics out. But I figure since I was a large frame I would need a 26in frame. From what I see now I think I should have around a 19in

inseam 34"
frame geometry has changed considerably since the classic bike days. in the 70s/80s, you wanted the tallest frame you could barely straddle for a road bike, and maybe 2-3" shorter for a pre-suspension mountain bike. with a 34" inseam, yeah a 26 or 27" frame would have been typical in a road bike. I am 6' tall, have 32" inseam, and rode a 24" road bike frame.

now days, the seattube length is less important, its really the top tube length that counts, and you want that sized to your torso... you can adjust for your leg length with the seat post, and your arm length with the stem and bar rise.. with those numbers, I'd say you're a L to XL bike in most lines.

if you do get a new mountain bike, look for a '29er' (29" wheels, really 700c mountain bike wheels), these are much better suited for big guys. if you're going to be mostly riding bike paths and occasional hard pack, a hybrid might be the way to go, and if you're going to get serious about speed and long distances, a full out road bike.

i'm back down to 210 lbs after being weighed in at 230 a few months ago, this is my 'hybrid' trail eater.

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