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My ride report will be written for my pleasure. I have written a few reports from a trip to Alaska with my parents and nephew in 2005 and my Dad's last run as a locomotive engineer on the CSX railroad. I have personal reasons to make this trip that starts in one week tomorrow. My ride report will share my thoughts, my feelings, my perspective of life on the road and a KLR, as a total newbie - first road trip deal. I want feedback and comments. I want readers to relate, to feel the road, the weather, the emotions and I hope you will know my bike as well as I do. I want you to hear the whine, feel the thermoclines, the ruts and the people I meet and share life with. If I do well, then my mission will be a success. If not, then ADV'ers will flame away. Got to be gusty to write to an unknown audience.

I'm not sure if I will even tell my friends that I'm writing a report. The work will be for the ADV audience, my target is my ADV brothers and sisters. We shall see how it goes. I mailed my boots, helmet and tools today to the current owner in Virginia. I have my large bag packed minus basic clothes, 41 pounds now. I have plane tickets, maps, a GPS. My 25 year old + MSR Firefly finally got going tonight with 20 year old fuel and an initial flame out, emergency response and fire abatement activities followed on my work bench in the garage. Then I got it sorted out on the concrete and let it burn for 20 minutes with only one pumping about half way. Friggin' amazing as well as my Eureka Timberline tent. So I am getting close, I have lists, I have ordered too much gear. But I'm rampin' up and getting stoked.

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