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You wouldn't like my 2012 Standard then. I weighed it the other day and it's 9.4lbs. I love the weight though. Even though my Strat copy is easier to play, I just hate playing it. The fingerboard is wider and the neck is thicker on my Gibson's but I prefer the extra challenge. It's just more rewarding to play.

I'm trying to decide if I need another LP or to get another amp. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Gibson GA5 or a Fender Vibro-Champ or Tweed Champ. Looking for a Class A all-tube that's blues/rock oriented.

My rig is an odd assortment of crap I collected over the years. I have a Vox VC120 that basically use as a processor for an old Peavy Ultra/Mesa 4x12 tube halfstack. Its old its heavy and it ugly.....but I can jump from barely warmed over blues to wrath-of-god in one touch of the pedal, and the damn pedal has something like 64 settings memorized, I have a notebook with what is where stuffed in the back of the Vox

LP Standards .....if I as A) Gigging regularly and B) used to it it wouldn't have been an issue. Going from the Eagle to a log on the fly frigging hurt through. I've drooled over Standards for years, the added price over added performance just never added up to me. Specially when there are used PRS CE24s floating around for right around 2 grand
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