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Believe it or not, you can lay an 1800 Goldwing on it's side to remove and replace the rear wheel. I have seen a picture of a brand new 2012 Goldwing laying on it's side, on purpose. I almost cried. That's a $30K bike. I would only lay a bike on it's side to fix a flat if it were pretty much a life or death situation. Nine times out of ten when I remove the tube from a flat tire, I find it pretty well shredded. Most stock tubes are paper thin. I have the 4mm thick "monster tubes" from DualStar on my XT. They can sometimes be patched. The thin ones tend to pop like a balloon. And if they don't, by the time you manage to get stopped, whatever punctured the tube has wiggled around and cut it to pieces. A tube type tire also tends to go flat all at once, while a tubeless tire loses air slowly, giving you time to tell something is wrong and get slowed down. A flat with a tube type tire at 75 mph is no fun, and your chances of crashing are high. My '09 Stella came with tubeless tires, for some unknown reason. I got the olive green color, which was supposed to come with wide whitewalls. I changed out the tires shortly after getting it home. I had a hard time getting those tubeless tires off, the whitewalls went on easily. They are the same size as my Vino uses, and I used them on it. I just replaced the last one. Don't remember the brand, but they lasted longer than the stock Vino 125 tires.

I am so tempted to get a Symba, my local SYM dealer has a red one for a really good price. This dealer does not charge all the bogus fees most dealers do. But being 6' 220 with a 34" inseam, riding it any distance with the stock seat would be impossible, and if I got the long seat, there wouldn't be any room to carry anything. I didn't even fit on a stock Rebel, I made brackets to install highway pegs 6" forward of the stock pegs, and had the seat redesigned by a local shop. I kind of regret selling the Rebel, it was not only freeway legal, but freeway capable, with a top speed of 80 mph. And according to the administrator of a rebel forum I belonged too, he put 80,000 miles on a Rebel at WOT with no issues, until the valves finally ate themselves. 80,000 miles on a Rebel is hard for me to comprehend.

BTW, thanks for posting all the ride reports, I am reading them all, and starting to get really enthusiastic about going somewhere. Probably on the Zuma 125. It has better tires and suspension than the Vino, more load capacity, and seems slightly faster. I already have a rack and top box ordered for it, and you can get huge saddlebags that fit it. Not planning anything crazy for the moment, though that sure sounds like fun. I'll start out with a few 1000 mile or so overnight round trips, and stay in a fleabag motel. I've decided the Stella is simply not reliable enough to cruise all day at full throttle, it still has a completely stock LML engine, with the cheap crank that is known to fail easily. Besides, while plastic Japanese scooters are nothing special, and are easily replaced, a 2 stroke Stella is a different matter. I keep mine polished and waxed. They are not replaceable, as they are no longer made, and I intend to keep it for the rest of my life. Parts are plentiful, and it can be rebuilt forever, as long as isn't crashed. The Stella IS basically a vintage Vespa.

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