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It was a morning and night for firsts come to think of it…

The rain that started at 3 pm carried on with its torrential downpour until about 2 am. Heavy enough and loud enough to keep me awake, then at about 4.30 – 5 am I get to find out there is a small farm behind the hotel, there wasn’t a smell to let me know, maybe the rain stopped that but it sure as well didn’t stock the dam rooster screaming its lungs out every five minutes, which then woke not only me up but what sounded like lambs and goats as well

So the first first!!! I was packed and ready to go by 6 am but I was stalling for the sun to come up, 7 am came around and still no sun…I took off in the dark – yes, yes I know the first rule of adventure riding don’t ride in the dark – got it, send the adv police out for me

Next, first…Army check point, I’m in southern Mexico I had expected quite few of these but this was pretty simple, open that bag, undo that zip, what’s inside that…off you go. No photos of that obviously

After that I stopped to look at the rear tire, it was getting a lot worse so I definitely needed a new one, I headed into Tabasco and surprise there was a Yamaha dealer.

Now another rule of adventure riding, in a foreign country if you need something and its right there in front of you, and you need it, buy it, don’t think it maybe available again down the road.

They had a 17 inch street tire, not what I wanted but it will have to do…I started to remove the wheel and help out the guys at the dealership with the included price of a tire change with my new tire 1100 pesos BTW

While this was happening up front in the dealership (unknown by me) the Metzeler tire rep had shown up, the manager told him about my problem and he called literally every shop in Tabasco that stock tires and only found one other for 3000 pesos’…see…buy now is the rule, and it was confirmed

So if you find yourself in Tabasco and need something, the manager speaks perfect English and is more than willing to help overlanders

Now it was time to ride along the coast headed for Campeche and another first for this trip, a Tuktuk in the way as usual as I was trying to go over a tope he swings a hard left for no reason and nearly takes me out!

so here's the little ride around the gulf so far...

Here’s a rainbow and guess what’s at the end of it…frigging rain that’s what – lucky charms my ass!!!

Into Campeche and the Hotel Campeche right on the main square and the bike goes in the atrium outside the room, sweet. So just as the sun was setting I went out and took a few night shots, tomorrow morning I will do the rounds with the camera

...on another note; interesting looking around while you are sitting at traffic lights in Mexico, never know what migh be standing there

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