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After almost five years using iPhones, I'm ready to make a switch. I'm sick to death of iTunes and not being able to just transfer files on my computer without plugging into that God-awful program. I hate that there is no slot for external storage and you can't swap batteries. I also hate the constant mobile charger problems I've had with every iPhone I've owned. However, there are things I like about it too. The availability of apps is amazing, the aftermarket accessories are plentiful, and the ability to call up customer support and talk to an English-speaking person on this side of the pond is a welcome change from how things generally are now.

I've about made my mind up on the Galaxy SIII. Does anyone who has one know of any good weatherproof motorcycle mounts for it? I've done a few searches and haven't turned up anything that really catches my eye... But if there's one thing I've learned from asking questions on forums, it's that my Google-fu is weak!
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