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Originally Posted by BeamingBeagle View Post
Hey all. I hear a slight knocking on my bike. If I'm facing the bike it's most clearly heard from the left side.

The valves sound really nice. I've done the chain tensioner mod which is on the other side.

Maybe I just need to rebalance and idle the carbs?

It's not that there's any problem right now I would just like to prevent a complete rebuild or some kind of worse failure on a trip. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx.
No carbs on your boxer...those are fuel injection throttle bodies. Before you tackle any adjustments, read some more about how and why the adjustments are made. Also DO NOT DISTURB THE LITTLE BLACK BOX ON THE LH SIDE THROTTLE BODY. That is the throttle position sensor and is factory set and marked with blue paint. Also, do not adjust the throttle stop screws. Doing so will leave you with a bike that does not run correctly. You need to better understand how the fuel system works on the boxer before you break out the tools. I would recommend your buddy up with someone experienced in your neighborhood who will keep you out of trouble while you learn just how and why adjustments are carried out.
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