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The Symba has a center stand as standard. The 200 lb weight seems to be arbitrary, since they upped the weight capability (for Americans?). I weigh 160 and would feel comfortable carrying another 50-75 pounds on the Symba. (My groceries weigh 30+) I also have a C70 Passport and the Symba does everything three times better, but for some reason I can't part with the Passport. Anyway, the Symba is good for 35 mph all day long, maybe 48-50 WOT. I've easily toured on my Piaggio BV250 with no concerns about keeping up on freeways, however the Symba is strictly no interstates/freeways - but it too would be a good tour mount since it is really quite fun although you'd need additional fuel if you're out west and while the seat is comfy it is too short, go for the long seat (if available). With the stock seat you have to saw off the the top portion of the passenger handrail behind the seat, it bashes into your lower back and is quite the torture device.
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