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Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
Another hot, heavy Honda.

I can't imagine how all those owners roll up over a hundred, two hundred, even over three hundred thousand miles on them.

Gotta admit I was suprised that I was so uncomfortable on the ST1100. I know their reputation as a serious hi-miler. I bought mine from a friend who'd owned it since '94 and had put over 100,000kms on it. I thought at last I'm getting a bike I can sit on for hours and eat up the miles, after years of HDs and other standard style bikes. I should note that it was my first full on, liquid cooled, tupperware touring bike, even though I fancy myself a 'touring' rider. I like to ride longer distances on back roads.

The first 2-4 hr ride I did was on a 80 degree day. It still had the higher windshield on it. Short of stripping down to my undies I could do nothing to cool down...
The previous owner is a big guy. The seat was well worn in and bars were stock. My butt was seriously hurting after an hour. On a 5 -6 hour ride I was squirming for most of it. Lack of alternative positions for my feet caused my knees and legs to get pretty stiff.

I traded it on an original style Victory cruiser. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but with a Mustang seat, windshield and floorboards, the upright (kitchen chair) seating position and multiple options for foot placement make the same roads I covered on the ST in sweaty pain, pleasant afternoon rides. Plus, to my eye, the Victory has a much nicer, classic look.
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