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Originally Posted by Dubl-A View Post
I'm thinking I may have to go this route as it seems the easiest and most hassle free. Thanks for all your info on this.

Just curious, how much did you have to invest in heat (for one bike)?
Well, getting the power wired was pretty simple, about $5-25 per bike, depending upon what connectors you want to use. As I mentioned, the Tiger was easy because it offers a second Powerlet outlet under the seat's left side. All of the other bikes already had an SAE connector wired to the same position, as I use them for battery tenders. All I needed to do was to ensure that the wiring size was large enough to handle the current, and swap out the small fuse in the SAE pigtails for a larger fuse that will handle the heated gear power draw.

The heated gear plus control system, I purchased from Warm-n-Safe via their ADV discount (thread is here on ADV, let me know if you need help locating it.) I went whole hog and got a full set of jacket/pants/glove/socks and the dual wireless controller, plus a couple of different adapters (SAE to coaxial, Powerlet to coaxial.) I'd say it was in the neighborhood of $500; I could double check on that total if you want specifics.

RAM arm and mount base for mounting the wireless heat controller, total about $15-20; I already had the scotch-lock so no expense to me there, but probably about $3 if you buy some at a craft or hardware store.

RAM ball mount for each bike differs on what style mount you use, probably about $7-15 per bike. There are many options for mounting; GPS City is a great source for all your RAM needs.
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