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Both excellent suggestions! That's why I like doing these threads, cause it inevitably leads to good feedback. Anti-crush sleeves and now these:

Buell787753, I wasn't thinking about it, but it would be nice to use my heated Aerostich vest on this thing, especially this fall yet up here in Northern Minnesota. I don't want the heavy battery on the bike all the time, so I think I'm going to wire up an SAE plug to my existing battery pack, so that I can plug in a spare battery and keep it in a bag on the rear rack. That way it's there when I need it and not there during most of the summer when I'm cursing the heat!

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Awesome job, looking forward to seeing more! Any thoughts about running a small lithium battery to power an E-vest on longer rides?

I got some clear silicone, I think I'm going to do as you say and seal up the unit as much as possible. I would like to put something back into the stock taillight housing, it's sort of an eye sore right now. I'm going to look into that DRC unit. I hadn't see those before. thanks!

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I was never satisfied with the Baja Designs rear taillight when I had my XR. It let in water and dirt, so as to make the light a lot less visible. Maybe you could see about sealing it up to prevent that.

Also, some thought may be given to the LED insert that replaces the stock taillight bulb. It's real bright and has a brake light function as well. DRC makes it and it's available from Wheeling Cycle Supply. Other places too, I'd imagine.

You have a very nice build there and it gives me thought for my new to me XRR.
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