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MeefZah sez:

"Yes it was totalled."

Sigh After Meef moved to T-county and I had a chance to meet him, I thought Meef would become a citizen of T-county easily. He had the qualities to be a true Valley Person

But then we had this little incident with the Civic......

Sure it has some supeficial sheet metal damage and 3 windows are missing....but this is The Valley...that poor Civic was far from demolished. It had many good miles left in it. It still had headlights (unlike some Valley cars), it had tail lights (unlike some Valley cars), and it had an exhaust system (unlike a fair number of Valley cars). All it that car needs is some translucent plastic film and duct tape and it will be ready for several years of reliable service.

But no, Meef just wants to throw away a perfectly good car. And in a few months (maybe only weeks), he will be on here complaining because he just pulled someone over for _________ (insert here: stolen, fictitious, expired, homemade) plates in his old Civic with garbage bags and Busch Light boxes taped over the missing windows.

I am not going to feel sorry for him when his application to be a Valley Person gets rejected.....he could have aced that test with the Civic Sigh.....
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