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My Poor abused bike. Today I had a little boo-boo where I was accelerating kinda hard, checked my 6 and when I looked up there was a semi braking hard for a barely yellow light.

I got on it pretty hard, but the rear started sliding and it was clear I was gonna thump him. I started to veer left but there was a car coming, so I had to lay'r down Lol.

The rear did a near perfect slid putting the bike horizontal under the bumper and the back tire impacting the semi's tire.

All-in-all pretty amazing result.

I got up and got the hell out of there!

OK, so later, I discovered that I'd torn the muffler mounts out of the subframe. and I got a dramatic increase in my ongoing oil leak where the shifter punched the stator cover (but to be fair there's also a crack that I think may be the cause of my previous leak)

And I guess I must have been on the brake pretty hard, cuz about 1/2 hour later the footpeg popped off.

OK, so sorry that was so long-winded...

Who makes the bling clip-on rear brake toe thingy?

Anybody got a lead on a stator cover less than $200?

I slapped some quicksteel on and rode it to Portland an back. Oh and so naturally the cam chain that I've put off fixing for a year is now rubbing the reed valve. I'm gonna give it some love soon, just in time for winter. I promise.

For the Stator cover try Fran Bottone @ Jo-Bet cycles. I get all my parts through him and I thought he quoted me that cover for around what your are looking (this was last year though).

Edit: I called Jo-Bet cycles and they are closed. Fran moved over to 6V motorsports. The number on the machine was 814-368-5500. Not sure if he will be able to help there or not, but couldn't hurt to check.
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