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Originally Posted by baldy

option 2: Open a smugmug or photobucket account:

smugmug and photobucket specialize in image hosting. They do the image resize thing automatically, allow you to post many images per post, and you can post to other message forums. They don't use advrider's disk storage or bandwidth, which helps keep advrider fast.

in addition, with smugmug, you get real online albums you can arrange, customize, use for family, travel, hobbies, etc. Disclaimer: I own smugmug. The idea came from advrider and the need for good photo hosting.

You can tag any album at smugmug as part of the advrider community, and it will show up with other member's galleries in the advrider community home page, most recent on top.

Photobucket offers limited free accounts and easy upgrade to more capacity for a nominal yearly fee. Smugmug offers a free trial and full accounts for a nominal annual fee.

Once you have an account, you can use the img button, , that you see above the area where you type when you post. The image button let's you specify an internet address (url) to identify the image.

Here is a tutorial at smugmug that should answer your qs.

Clear as mud?

q: "but... But.... I followed your directions to link to a photo exactly from some other photo sharing site and it didn't work!? computers really piss me off."

a: some sites don't appreciate you linking to their images for mindless posts, so they block it.

note: Other picture hosting sites can be used.

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