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Originally Posted by cug View Post
I think it's partly the stupid exhaust valve thing that kicks in at certain RPM for German noise regulations. I never actually noticed it on the 2010 I had:

It certainly looks pretty bad, but I really never noticed. I noticed the hacking, kicking, and bucking of the Multi below 3.5k rpm (Disclaimer: the one I tested was super bad, there seems to have been improvements and the 2013 adds a lot of improvements for this, too) much more and it annoyed me much more than the weird torque curve of the boxer.

I had a 2010 R1200GS and this curve was barely noticeable when riding. There was a bit of a dip around 5k rpm, but it wasn't bad or so. And in normal riding, the behavior below 5k was much more important for me. I'm not certain how much you'll actually feel the dips on the new one. Time will tell.
It's interesting though, if you look at the camhead's dyno chart in this thread that uses a different scale, it looks very flat, but compare the woxer torque at anypoint to the camhead torque on the other chart and the woxer is higher, at least the points I checked, so I think the torque curve is a lot flatter than it looks. Camhead dyno thread:
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