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Originally Posted by coloktmGS View Post
Unfortuneatly, mapping products do not transfer to newer units. You would need to purchase new mapping for each unit you have.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I lived in NYC and had three 276's stolen and each time I had to buy all new maps. Each time I would call them and ask them to please let me recover the maps and each time they said, "Gee sorry, what's your cc number?"

The last time was the last time. I'm sooooooo with you. They took their advantage and used it to bend people over and squeeze out every nickel they could and I can't tell you how bitter it made me toward them and I've used Garmin's from as far back as the late 90's.

For me it's now all about the iphone as my single device. I am having my new iphone 5 coated with Liquipel so it will be waterproof sans case and then I'll get a Taktik case for riding off road. The Garmin can't do 5% of what the iphone can. Maybe not even 1%. And it will only get better.

The iphone (or other smart phone) is the way to go. You can simply choose what GPS and maps you want - Navigon, TomTom, Motion-X etc. Now that I've had time to play with the iphones iOS 6 maps I'm actually far more impressed than the whole freakout about them not being any good. The 3d vector technology is simply stunning for looking at roads and canyons and understanding the topography. It's amazing. About the only way I'd ever own another Garmin product is if Apple bought them. Which might be smart.

Garmin right now is to personal devices what pagers are to phones - a limited idea just waiting to die a quiet death.

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