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Jeez man. That looks really painful. Interesting notes about the boots. I just purchased a pair of those boots about 2 weeks ago. I returned them the following day because they were WAY too stiff. I am not an MX rider but have been doing a bit more adventuring lately. My normal ride is a 37 miles commute and I do that every day. I kept thinking I wanted something that could handle a bit more off-road and selected the Sidi Adventure Rain because it clearly offered more protection than the BMW Santiago.

I rode home with them and realized I had made a huge mistake. The sole and ankle were so stiff that I couldn't downshift without lifting my foot off the peg unless I was standing on the pegs. Walking even short distances to watch my daughter's softball game was uncomfortable. They were too bulky to wear in the house at all. In short, they were too far to the protection side for my use.

I exchanged them for the Santiagos and I couldn't be happier. They are not as stiff nor do they offer as much protection as the Sidis but they can pass for regular boots when off the bike. They do offer a lot better protection than the BMW All-Around that I replaced. I recognize the compormise and will live within those confines.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I have a hard time believing those boots created this kind of break. If you were bent back that hard, something was going to have to give. If it wasn't your toes, it would have been your knee with anything stiffer than those. Something was going to break. I'm actually surprised the boot gave way at your toes based on my experience with them. Which brings up another question... were they too big? If they fit snug and were properly adjusted, I just don't see how they were able to bend back that far. I've been wrong before thouth...
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