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Originally Posted by swingset View Post
Oil schedule shouldn't be a mystery, really, and I don't subscribe to any schedule....they are baselines and nothing more. Once you've lived with a bike a while it should be obvious...if you're riding the piss out of your bike and exhausting the oil, it'll show when you dump it. If it's still thick and honey colored, still smells like oil, it's not done yet.

If you have any doubt (some people don't trust the visual test), send it off to Blackstone and see how it's doing after your interval. If it's still good, increase the interval. If it's shot, shorten it up.

My 520 has a small capacity, and a short recommended oil change interval, 300 miles might be about right if it's dirty conditions and mostly offroad miles...or I might get 1000 out of it if I'm tooting around the street on it.

Different bikes are different. Some bikes don't cool or route the oil for longevity, some bikes introduce unburnt fuel which kills oil, and they're harder on the same amount of oil than other bikes. Heat and contaminates kill oil, so if you're hot and dirty you change it more often.
Blackstone has a great service and well worth the money, to work properly they need a sample of the new unused oil you have put in the engine and at least 2 to 3 differtent samples, one for each change to establish a base line. After the base line is set up it's quite easy to pickup on something that's out of spec.

I've done this on my class8 truck and found I could almost double the drain mileage. It is also great for liquid cooled engines, will catch the smallest internal coolant leak, in PPM before you may ever notice you are losing coolant. After a few test you should have a good base line for that engine, and as long as you stick with the same oil you'll know right where you are for changes, after that and depending on how many miles or hours you put on the bike once a year or maybe longer will keep you on top of any problem you may have. After the base line is setup their test alerts you to internal bearing wear, ring blowby, ect. and a very useful tool for engine managenemt.
Go to their website and they have package deals for their services, multipile test kits, more then one engine, ect.

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