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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
USADA finally released their document on Lance. have not had a chance to read in detail. but here's the heart of the matter. from page 15

in other words ... NO hard evidence is needed to convict. sorry but testimony from proven liars and tainted witnesses don't count.

think of the incredible pressure brought to bear on Lance's former teammates. most were given very favorable terms to allow them to retire. if there were any sanctions I've not seen any on current riders.

George Hincapie probably had the best reputation amongst fans and fellow cyclists of any US rider. Perhaps ever. I guess he is now a proven liar as he has admitted doping but prior that had a super reputation.

What were the pressures on LA's teamates? I have heard any "do this or else" type of statements.

The blinders some of you wear are hilarious. What in the world would be the motivation of the USADA to go after someone they know is innocent. How does LA being found out to be a liar help anyone?
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