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Originally Posted by Powershouse View Post
Sad to see Hincapie get tarred with this as he retires.

I've been looking at the USADA document. I wonder if "Motoman", the motorcycle mule who delivered the goods during the TdFs is an inmate?
Why is it sad? These guys were junkies, they cheated, they cheated the guys they beat. They broke the law.

What is sad about them being banned?

One of the substances the festina team was carrying when it was busted in (I think 99) was the cure for hepatitis.

When Joe Papp finally had to go to the hospital he had a blood clot in his ass the size of a softball (according to him).

I have no sympathy. These guys were mostly from upper middle class backgrounds, with college educations...they can all go rot for all I care.

me and Gorgeous George...

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