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Originally Posted by tallguy-09 View Post
Sure, you really badly want that new German Boxer, admit it
...just like the rest of us, there's simply nothing that compares with it right now, right?
I do admit that I like what I read. Still, the Tiger is an absolute blast to ride, and in some ways better for me than the GS was. The suspension on the GS was too harsh for me - 72kg isn't the typical Bavarian build ...

The Tiger is better adjusted to my taste at this point, but I have high hopes with the new suspension on the new GS and the new windshield also looks a whole lot more thought out than the old POS.

So, yes, the GS is a hard to beat package, the Tiger was better for me personally, but I think the new GS can surpass it and I also learned my hatred for chains all over again. I plain hate the idea of chain drive on my main ride. I'd take belt over chain any day for my style of riding.
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