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Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
It's a common problem on the front. It'll go away in a few hundred miles/kms.
I'm sorry, but it will not go away. I installed a fresh set and took the bike out for a 1500km ride. Lots of highway riding, then mountain passes and off-road.
I had a wobble and lots of vibration up until 40kph, then it was gone. After 120 kph, the vibration was really bad, worse than a TKC80.
Off-road, they were very slippery, because of the hard compound. The new K60 Scout design for the rear tyre might be good for a long lasting tyre, but this is not a 50/50 tyre. They scared the crap out of me on loose gravel, and i dropped the buke more times that i want to remember.
In all, after more than 1500kms, the vibration is still there, the wobble is still present, so i went back to my old set of TKC80's. It might not be a great road tyre, but on the beach is smokes any other 50/50 tyre out there.Looking forward to a fresh set of Karoo T's.
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