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Originally Posted by Yossarian™ View Post
Well, getting the power wired was pretty simple, about $5-25 per bike, depending upon what connectors you want to use. As I mentioned, the Tiger was easy because it offers a second Powerlet outlet under the seat's left side. All of the other bikes already had an SAE connector wired to the same position, as I use them for battery tenders. All I needed to do was to ensure that the wiring size was large enough to handle the current, and swap out the small fuse in the SAE pigtails for a larger fuse that will handle the heated gear power draw.

The heated gear plus control system, I purchased from Warm-n-Safe via their ADV discount (thread is here on ADV, let me know if you need help locating it.) I went whole hog and got a full set of jacket/pants/glove/socks and the dual wireless controller, plus a couple of different adapters (SAE to coaxial, Powerlet to coaxial.) I'd say it was in the neighborhood of $500; I could double check on that total if you want specifics.

RAM arm and mount base for mounting the wireless heat controller, total about $15-20; I already had the scotch-lock so no expense to me there, but probably about $3 if you buy some at a craft or hardware store.

RAM ball mount for each bike differs on what style mount you use, probably about $7-15 per bike. There are many options for mounting; GPS City is a great source for all your RAM needs.
Haha, Damn IT I'm looking at heated gear now, I may PM you with specific questions. Thanks for your help YO!
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