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get back to it

The museum was our last stop in mogollon so we wound our way back up out of mogollon and then back down to the highway 180.

Nest destination, The Catwalks

this is the entry to the catwalks

We pull in and immediately run in too the park ranger. He informs us the catwalks are only partially open
WTF. we ride 200 miles and you say it is only partially open

He was also very helpful. Because of the big fires this spring/summer that occured in the high country area, just above Mogollon, they pulled all the bridges and walkways out of the canyon. They did this for a couple of reasons.

1. Pulled them out so they could re-install them rather than have them busted up and destroyed by debris coming down the mountain at a high rate of speed - ie bolders, logs/trees

2. they thought of all the debris that would come down would build up and cause a damming problem. Damm up, then break loose and move to the next bridge or walkway. Every time it would do this meant a wall of water rushing to Glennwood and causing a severe flood to the town. It was determined that 2 inches of rain would spell disaster for mogollon and glennwood - essentially taking the towns out.

Pics of the catwalk area that is open

There is a really cool walking path to and through the catwalks

Adventure for a Lifetime
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