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Up front, let me say I'm a journalist.
Okay, those of you that are still here:
That has to be about the worst piece of journalism I've ever seen. I'm in two minds: weep for the death of my craft in your country - or apply for a job there and resurrect it.
Because? A halfway decent journo would pin the two stories together and pose the question:" What's the odds that this dumb woman crossed onto the wrong side of the road because she had the damn dog on her lap?"
And Fido, knowing its owner was an idiot, fled in the hopes of a better life in the cornfields.
And also, a quarter-way decent journo would be asking the question several posters already did: "What's to investigate, if she was on the wrong side of the road at 3.00pm?" She's not been dazzled by oncoming traffic; she might have fallen asleep in the 3.00pm dip or she might have been distracted by an unrestrained canine.
What is the Po-leece concealing?

And I wonder if her "church family" uttered a single prayer for the innocent father and husband she mindlessly killed - or were they too busy god-bothering for her mutt?
Seiously, you guys deserve better newspapermen.
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