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Originally Posted by chacha View Post
I found the most comfortable way to wear these in my Arai are in the wrong ears and upside down.

Seriously. I bring the cord up behind my ears and then over the top where your glasses would sit. Put the right in the left and left in the right. This allows the bud to tuck into my ear opening completely. Also having the cord go over my ears helps keep me from accidentally pulling them out.
That's another reason I recommend the Westones and Shures. They're designed to route the cord over your ears. That, plus some tripple flange or comply foam tips make for a very secure fit. There's nothing more infuriating than an earphone falling out with a helmet on.

Run what ya brung, though. I like your solution. I thought the S4i's sounded awesome, I've just found other stuff that sounds as good, are more durable, and are designed to fit more securely in your ears. For more money...of course.
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