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Whats the reason?
Tundra is fragile. Barely bottomed it and had to spend an hour beating on the skid plate just to change the oil. I beat the heck out of my ford and never hurt the undercarriage.

Tundra fuel mileage while towing is horrible. The fuel tank is way too small.

If you try close the tailgate with something hanging out, the tailgate pops off the hinges.

The ride is bouncy and annoying.

The steering has absolutely zero feedback.

All of the little storage boxes in the cab are too small to be useful.

I hate the wiper controls and the cruise control.

Can't turn off the seatbelt minder and its incredibly annoying. I wear my seatbelt and its still annoying.

All of the cigarette lighter outlets are switched with the ignition. How the heck are you supposed to charge anything?

The s mode is not a manual mode it just dictates the highest gear available.

No push button entry on drivers door.

Did I mention the gas mileage while towing?

The cup holders suck.

The stereo sucks.

I like the power, unless I'm towing, and I like the brakes.

The tundra is a truck for someone that doesn't need a real truck.

Damn, I miss my F150.
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