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Seeking Opinions....GS450 Suzuki

I recently did some trading of a couple Kawasaki 175s for this bike

1981 Suzuki GS450T. The bike is pretty complete (headlight was removed when I took the picture), had compression, usual surface rust, shifts through the gears seemingly OK, blah, blah.....about what you'd expect for a neglected but not really abused bike of this age. Did some tinkering with it and finally discovered it didn't have spark because the "ignitor Box" was missing. No big deal I thought until I priced new and eBay parts. While I was considering my options I was talking with a friend who ended up having this's even another '81 but better yet it's a "E" model which to me is more appealing as a sportier looking bike. It has 70,000+ miles on it (yeah, that many) and is quite complete, but maybe slightly rougher than the "T" model.

The "T" has a clear title, but the "E" has a tainted title that I'm planning to send out of state to clear it from penalties that would be assessed in Missouri.

I'm not sure what I want to do with the bikes. Put the ignitor box in the "T", fix what's wrong and ride it as-is? Put the low mileage engine in the "E" and enjoy the sportier bike (providing the title "cleans up" nicely), and then sell off or part out the "T" bike? Get both running and sell one, and if "yes" which one? Strip the "E" bike of it's igniter box, do some ADV mods to the "T" bike and sell off the "E"? There's probably other scenarios that exist, but I'm open to suggestions of a potential direction.

I don't think these bikes have any particular high value as collector bikes, but they should be worth $700-1,000 each if they're running nicely, cleaned up well and have a decent battery and tires. I probably have $500-600 in the pair of them and that's putting value on the work I did on the 175 Kawasakis I used in the trade. Actual out of pocket $$ is much less.

The suggestion box is open. I'll probably use this thread to follow through on whatever becomes of the bikes.


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