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What would you do if you were me?

I was searching for a gas tank and valve cover for one of the projects last year, and found one of my friends has a 71' BMW R60/5 in his garage for years.
This is where it was when I found her.

So I found my gas tank and valve covers, and the rest of the bike just came with it. I paid his asking price which was little high, but I was kinda helping out a friend through his financial hardship.

It has been served as a great "OEM" part bike for my others in many ways, and never make a complain.

Now, the /7 has gone and been enjoying by the new owner, and this is it's turn during the process of "down size" my garage. This is also the very first time that I have a chance to take a deep looking of her.

And found this....... it appears to me that gas over flow over the carb and get into the engine. This is also the reason why the engine is NOT turning.

The interesting part is the carb is clean, and only the chamber is messed up and still wet.

At where I am now, those are the options,

1) Sold it "as it". This is the easiest way.
2) Part it out. This is the most profitable way, but with the time of taking parts off, Ebaying, emails, and shipping, for few hundreds bucks. It doesn't really look that much profitable.
3) Bring it back to life. I can either do it back to as OEM as possible (found another "part bike" in boxes for the same year and same model), or I can cafe/bobble/scramblers it to whatever I want (which supposed to be done 4 bikes ago).

Option 3 might seem to be the most costly option up front, but consider I really like to have something newer, lighter, and has a red frame, Option 1 and 2 are actually cost me more in the long run.
So, if you were me, what would you do?
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