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Originally Posted by ray h View Post
Right, Exactly, Bullseye.............
And yet......You dumbasses still think it's a good idea.
Remember the original poll? 50 United States.
The poll said nothing about CA, it asked nothing about Europe or Asia, yet every illiterate moron on this damn forum has told me my opinion isn't valid because I Haven't ridden in CA (which I have stated that I was stationed there and rode there, but that's ok, because we know you can't read anyway) or Europe.
It's already legal in CA and most of Europe, we know that, the poll isn't talking about that.
I agree with Dummee, and the other stooges, it's not excepted and expected in the other 49 states therefore a bad idea. Thats why riders in 49 states shouldn't do it. I personally won't do it because I think it's rude. Ride your ride, I'll ride mine.
Now, if you mouth breathing moronaphyles feel like exchanging insults just step right up, I don't usually dip into those waters but I can when I feel like it.
I find it hard to believe that Californians are so much superior to residents of other states that they alone can manage this, and no one else would be able to figure it out.

Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
I like the part where you take insults which have clearly been hurled at you all your life and try to use them to describe your betters.

And the word you're looking for is accepted.

Originally Posted by ray h View Post
My "betters"?
If that were true you certainly wouldn't be in this conversation, Spanky.

I'd like to say if I met you guys I'd buy you a beer but I think I'd buy you a box of binkies and bandaids because much of what I see here is crying and crashing.
Save a few of those because a year from now when this thread is forgotten and I'm gone, you'll be back here crying about how you "had to lay it down" or how you lost in a game of chicken while splitting.
Boy, Human Ills did nail that one on the head.

Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
I've been 'splitting' for 25 years and haven't "had to lay 'er down" yet.

This. Over 40,000 miles of lanesplitting for me, at least a few miles done nearly every day for more than 20 years, and no accidents while doing it.

Originally Posted by ray h View Post
Of course you haven't had to lay her down while splitting but I bet you've taken out your share of other people's mirrors. Those are exceptable losses thou? right?
I was walking through the parking lot the other day and I bumped someones mirror with my arm and felt bad about it, I couldn't imagine being the kind of person that could hit their mirror with my vehicle and not give a damn or better yet, blame them because you hit their mirror, why are they driving on your goddamn road anyway.
Well, no, I've never taken out anyone's mirror either. I have on very rare occasions bumped my barend mirror on someone else's, almost always someone who is trying to keep me from getting by, so I don't feel terribly guilty about that. But never has the bump been hard enough to break either their mirror or mine, so I adjust it back to the proper view and go on.

And the word you were looking for is "acceptable".

And for someone who is so terribly concerned about the rudeness of lanesplitting, and feels bad about bumping a mirror with your arm, you sure call a lot of names and are very rude. It kind of undermines your arguments.

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