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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
Got the molle panels in, for $9 each they sure beat the $180 Tank Vest.

I attached a holster on the right side, I had this one laying around from an old vest. I really wanted it on the left so I'll probably order a left handed one whenever I get my Acerbis tank on here. But for now, I can still work my left hand over and use this if need be..
That's a neat and versatile solution but I'm stumped as to why you'd want to carry your handgun like that. Surely it's just asking to get dirt in it or to attract the wrong sort of attention (whatever that may be.) Are you planning to put another cover or tank bag over the top or have some other way of carrying it more discreetly?

I use a pair of cheap ATV tank panniers to which I eventually added a tie-down strap so they wouldn't flip back into my lap whenever I go over 50 mph (not in the pic below). They have a water bottle holder on the outside and are well enough constructed to keep out dust and mud under normal circumstances, although I wouldn't trust them to keep anything critical dry in a rainstorm or river crossing. They are certainly suitable for carrying a handgun but not in an immediately accessible way
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