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I have known for a long time that he was a cheat, and along with him probably every American who has participated in the TDF for the last 15 years. As this realization became clear to me I justified that cheating by making the argument that EVERY rider riding at that level was a cheat, and the only way to even make it to the big show was to take drugs. I then made the argument that Lance was still the best rider, because everyone was on dope.. so the best rider still won. But even that argument has failed me now, I just can no longer justify in anyway what these people did. I am embarrassed as an American, disgusted as a cyclist and immensely let down as a fan. The UCI is complicit in turning their heads for over two decades in their quest of $$. I think every person who has ever bought a Lance Armstrong trinket, jersey, bike, etc should band together in a class action lawsuit and take every penny he as from him, it was all acquired through cheating an lying. These men, George, Lance, Dave, Levi, were my heroes, they are all cheats. The sport, at the highest level is dirty beyond forgiveness, still is IMHO. Whomever has the best doping program wins, Sky had it this year. I have been following this sport a lot longer than Lance, first started riding in High School.. 1984, and I had been a LeMond fan for years before that. I will still ride, but my support for professional cycling may be gone forever.
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