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Originally Posted by GISkev View Post
If McCain and Sarah Palin were currently president, I'm sure that electrical workers would have trickled down and I'd not have to deal w/ such offensive menial labor as I am confronted with. While Ryman is as conservative as they come, I'm sure he might offer to kick the balls (mods: soccer balls) of any offender of hard working liberals before they get custom tours or said offenders might never see Death Star Canyon.

Sarah Palin 2012! I can see Russia from my front porch!

KMC1: Saturday probably won't work for me, unless you want to do an epic twistie slab tour that may or may not happen, but if so, all day, half the state. (my little bro ride a stupid Harley, rode sand dune last sat...).

LOL..... I don't know if the workers would have trickled down, but at least the U.S. would still have a line of credit good enough so you could borrow the money to hire some workers to come do the work for you like a good Republican would!

And I only know Ryman from reading on here, and even I know I don't want him anywhere near MY soccer balls! (Sorry Ryman, it was just too easy to pass it up! )

You know, if there aren't any takers for a trail ride on Saturday, I could actually get into a long road ride - I got out 2 weeks ago for a 700 mile weekend, and it was pretty terrific but felt a little too short..... sooooo......

As it stands right now I have all day Saturday into Sunday AM free. (Can't trail ride at night though - stock KTM glowplug..I mean headlight still on it)
Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic:

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