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You are a rare breed to ride alaska on a small bike. In 2007, I spent 5 weeks in alaska on an 87 xr600r. An absolute blast. For those who don't know. The roads in alaska have three offerings: wide open paved with potholes and dips that will toss a bike around, wide open washboard dirt, and (the best) four wheeler trails that go into the wilderness for miles and miles. The end of the trail is usually water that was uncrossable. Fabulous scenery in all directions and camping anywhere you like is about as good as it gets. Off into the woods for a little ways, take off the red riding coat, cover the bike with a cammoflage poncho, and dissapear into the scenery. Out of the woods, onto the highway for 80 miles to the next gas station. In other words, what is the biggest tank offered for your bike? The four wheeler trails are tough because you have to ride in a rut. Scape off your knuckles on the right hand or the left hand, your choice! The bushes are tough as nails. Answer? Knobby tires and Kevlar padded gloves. Bears? Camp cleanliness is important but in general the bears are scared by machines. It is the moose one must be wary of and respect ! Carry good raingear and shift into alaska time: sleep when you are tired, even in the middle of the day, ride during the 2 hour sunset followed be the 2 hour sunrise! I can't relay the beauty of alaska in words. If you like/love wilderness, go at whatever cost. I guess what brought this ramble on was the 650 part of this post. I saw and met all these guys "cruising" on 1200 cc bikes. That is not the only way to ride alaska. Small bikes are a wonderful mode of travel. " If only I could float this bike across that river " Nice to share this experience with people with like interest. We should do what we can to help someone with their "dream ride". Cheers to all
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