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Holy hell...

I went through the trial that was the tier 4 B1 heavy french tank - I thought I earned my right to an OK tank.

Have any of you played the hell that is the tier 5 BDR french tank?! I mean, sure, I don't have a 100% crew on it... but I wasted a good amount of credits and now have this useless pile of garbage with the top gun, top turret, top engine, and top tracks. What I get for my effort and the use of my XP was a heavy that is slower than any other tier 5 I know of, while having the armor of a light tank that allows anything to pen it, anywhere, from any angle - oh, yeah, and a super-slow reload to ensure that if, by some off chance, you do catch up to where the action is, you will only ever get off two or three shots before the battle ends, or before you die.

I am seriously considering creating one of those Hitler-reacts YouTube videos about this pile of garbage and the garbage we all had to work with before getting to the BDR.
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