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The Pinnacles, near Enterprise Reservoir

Back to motos, specifically the TW200 near Enterprise Reservoir. Great dirt road past an area called "The Pinnacles." Probably the most scenic road / loop in the area. Fine for any dual sport bike.

Here's the map:

The dirt route starts just west of Veyo (at the bottom of the Veyo Wall). Road to Enterprise Reservoir is called the Veyo Shoal Road (Benchmark) or Goldstrike Road (sign). Forest road #06 on map. Pinnacles Road is #004, and connector road to Enterprise Reservoir is #274. All easy to follow.

Easy to ride pavement from St. George to Veyo Wall, either up Highway 18 (fast) or via Gunlock (more scenic). I did it both ways on this ride, but didn't stop for any pics on pavement. Could also truck/trailer to base of Veyo Wall. Easy parking.

For any noobs or lurkers there is an index of rides on page 1. Post #56 (page 4) and Post #182 (page 13) are similar rides. Also, some of the recent ATV riding (just above) was in this area.

So here's the marquee area -- The Pinnacles. Definitely worth the trip. Great riding.

At the bottom of the Veyo Wall starting out on the dirt/gravel of the Goldstrike Rd or Veyo Shoal Road. This road has received lots of maintenance and a rework in the last few years. Great shape. It will probably hold up to winter quite well. Although it is likely some snow will block the higher passes. The other roads #004 by the Pinnacles and #274 connector to Enterprise Reservoir are in not nearly the same condition.

Quick stop at an abandoned gravel pit. Lots of old equipment.

Some big gears.

Found this behind a pile of rocks. Not sure if it's operational or not. Nice scale with the mighty TW!

I was carrying extra gas. Didn't need it, but wasn't exactly sure of my route. Intended to do a bit of exploring. Quite possible to fine a serious washout 3/4 of the way around a loop and have to reverse course. Just didn't want fuel to be an issue.

The photo focus was on fall colors. Still lots of red and yellow as you gain elevation. Fading fast, not quite as good as a week ago, but still on display.

The seat of my bike makes a good back drop.

Near the top of one of the passes. Road in background is rougher track to the Dagget Flat area. No maintenance here.

Bridge over Moody Wash (currently dry at his spot). A bit of construction here. Road surface on bridge is paved. Lots of nice color, above and below!

Shortly after the bridge, make a left onto a lesser dirt road, #004. Start to gain elevation toward the Pinnacles.

Near Maple Spring. Cattle country. Also lots of camping opportunities, although the camping gets better as you get higher. The road where my bike is was washed out a year ago, not passable. New culvert is installed, road rebuilt.

Fall colors on the hillside. This is about 5,000 ft.

Everyone likes red, but the yellow is nice too.

The source of the yellow leaves. Great afternoon sunlight!

The gains elevation and runs parallel to the Pinnacles. Constantly changing views, probably best in this direction.

The two most prominent outcroppings.

Lots of scrub oak, all different colors.

Great camping spots up high on the rocks. I'll have to be back here. Lots of open 360 views.

Exploring some double track (off route) I came across this #197. I won the stare down.

Some of the double track.

Lots of firewood in the area.

Love this terrain. Made for exploring!

More scenery.

Another section of Pinnacles. With the bike . . .

. . . and without the bike.

Fall colors, southern Utah style.

Using the seat of the TW as the backdrop.

Same spot, different angle. Looking for the light.

The reds. Stars of the show.

At the top of The Pinnacles Road there are signs for a non-motorized trail. I picked up my riding pace from here, but still lots of good scenery.

Chose to head back to Enterprise Reservoir. Near Lost Peak Spring, about 7,000 ft high now. Above most of the color.

More large rocks set off against a small bike.

Doing a little single track exploring along a wash.

There are little bits of water if you know where to look. Often the water runs underground as it descends.

Unusual plant for a mostly desert environment.

The connector road from the Pinnacles to Enterprise Reservoir, #274. The road I came down.

Close to Enterprise Reservoir you rejoin the road coming from Cougar Pass, Slaughter Creek, eventually Motoqua. Did this ride in Post #352, page 24. Also a great ride. Road in not as good a shape. I came down the road behind the tree.

Interesting cave on a side road near Enterprise Reservoir. Lots of ATV traffic and usage in this area on popular weekends. Not remote like the Pinnacles.

Shore of Upper Enterprise Reservoir. Very low water.

At the waterline.

Easy enough to exit out on pavement to Enterprise town, but better to complete the loop back to Veyo on dirt.

Small private in-holding within Dixie National Forest. Now it's late afternoon light.

One of my favorite signs. Original sign was damaged a few years ago. This is a new replacement. Several of my first moto rides solo and with Dad (and friends) came to this area. The sign was always a good marker.

Still good scenery, but now it was time to head for home.

As always, thanks for riding along. Appreciate all the positive comments and PMs.

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