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Originally Posted by bingbong View Post
I've been reading this thrad for a long time now, I now believe BMW have released a youtube video brain washing you all. "ze stupid peoples vill never know Vy zay shtopped liking ze Triumph, he he"
Don't get me wrong I'm a GS fan and have ridden boxers almost exclusively for the last 15 years. But Jeez the hedonism in this thread is driving me away. Lets get some real world tests before anouncing it has taken over from sliced bread.
Good point.
Actually as much as I like what I see I'm also 100% happy with my 2010 camhead. There's nothing I miss when riding it.
Personally I wouldn't jump ship without having seen the real thing, too much money...
Do I think that the 2013 will be a success? Almost 100%.
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