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A Green wire on a Red (Terminal 30) tag is a no-no.

Kicking around here somewhere I've got a list of which color codes are customarily used with what functions (Red is always-hot main bus, White is High Beam , Yellow is Low Beam, etc), but darned if I can find it. I'll keep looking.

Here are the DIN designations I've used for years:

Ignition system
1 coil, distributor, low voltage
1a, 1b distributor with two separate circuits
2 breaker points magneto ignition
4 coil, distributor, high voltage
4a, 4b distributor with two separate circuits, high voltage
7 terminal on ballast resistor, to distributor
15 battery+ from ignition switch
15a from ballast resistor to coil and starter motor

50 starter control

15 battery+ through ignition switch
30 from battery+ direct
30a from 2nd battery and 12/24 V relay
31 return to battery- or direct to ground
31a return to battery- 12/24 V relay
31b return to battery- or ground through switch
31c return to battery- 12/24 V relay

Turn indicators
49 flasher unit in
49a flasher unit out, indicator switch in
49b out 2. flasher circuit
49c out 3. flasher circuit
C 1st flasher indicator light
C2 2nd flasher indicator light
C3 3rd flasher indicator light
L indicator lights left
R indicator lights right
L54 lights out, left
R54 lights out, right

AC generator
51 DC at rectifiers
51e as 51, with choke coil
59 AC out, rectifier in, light switch
59a charge, rotor out
64 generator control light

Generator, voltage regulator
61 charge control light
B+ battery +
B- battery -
D+ dynamo +
D- dynamo -
DF dynamo field
DF1 dynamo field 1
DF2 dynamo field 2
U, V, W AC three phase terminals

54 brake lights
55 fog light
56 spot light
56a headlamp high beam and indicator light
56b low beam
56d signal flash
57 parking lights
57a parking lights
57L parking lights left
57R parking lights right
58 licence plate lights, instrument panel
58d panel light dimmer

85 relay coil -
86 relay coil +
Relay contacts
87 common contact
87a normally closed contact
87b normally open contact
88 common contact 2
88a normally closed contact 2
88b normally open contact 2
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